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ETHREAT is a European Public Health Project launched in May 2005, which aims to plan and develop an educational package containing all the information and the training material necessary to empower European health professionals, including armed forces health personnel, to rapidly recognise clinically and adequately respond to new public health threats, like attacks with biological, chemical and radiological agents.

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Please be concerned that due to the nature of the current project, in order to be able to view the majority of the information of ETHREAT's website, it is necessary to subscribe and then log-in with a secure password. Subscription will also allow you to:

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  • participate at ETHREAT's public forum, where individuals raise questions and European public health experts answer and comment on various issues
  • participate in the needs assessment survey by filling the needs assessment questionnaire, which aims at identifying the needs that front-line health professionals have for training on new health threats
  • receive, if required, the monthly newsletter concerning the actions undertaken and project's results
  • submit your interest for participation at ETHREAT's pilot course

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