Partner - Kristian Hveysel Bork

Dr. Kristian Hveysel Bork (MD)

Dr Bork graduated from Copenhagen University with the medical degree (MD) and has worked at The Danish Armed Forces Medical Corps as a MD for a year. After clinical experience at university hospitals in Copenhagen he is fully licensed to practice. He joined the National Centre for Biological Defence in Copenhagen established in 2001 working as a liaison officer between various branches of the Danish Armed Forces. The Centre is responsible for biological terrorism research, crisis management, outbreak investigation and handling in Denmark and with deployed Danish Armed Forces. As part of Denmark’s contribution to Nato Response Forces, NRF-4 and NRF-6, in 2004 Dr. Bork joined a Field Investigation Team (FIT) responsible for handling and analyzing biological and chemical incidents worldwide as part of the Multinational CBRN Defence Battalion. His research activities include work on Early Detection Systems, Medical Intelligence Analysis, Biosecurity and Defence Related Immunization Regimes. Currently he is working on a PhD project “Biosecurity Practices and Surveillance Systems for Prevention and Detection of Biological Incidents”.

Contact Details
Address: Artillerivej 5, 334/106 Copenhagen, DK-2300 Denmark
Tel: (+45) 3268 8237
Fax: (+45) 3268 3901


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