• Set up a list of the educational objectives for front line health professionals.

  • Construct an inventory of all existing courses and training material relevant to the training of health professionals of new health threats thematic addressed to health professionals (including Armed Forces and front line public health professionals).

  • Plan and develop a common European educational package and algorithm (guide) for action to enhance the understanding and response of health professionals to new health threats.

  • Apply the educational package through a pilot course to a selected group of European health professionals on a pilot base, who in turn, can act as trainers, so as to receive feedback for improvements.

  • Prepare an evaluation report after having evaluated and assessed with the help of experts, trainers and trainees, the educational material and training methods.

  • Create a web site for discussion, evaluation and dissemination of the educational material.

Develop among health professionals
the necessary self confidence in dealing
with health threats
increase the Europeans' sense of

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