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Professor Jack Dowie (MA, PhD) - Project Coordinator – Professor of Health Impact Analysis

Professor Dowie up the newly-created chair in Health Impact Analysis at LSHTM on October 1 2000, leaving the distance-learning based Open University. While at the OU he designed and ran multi-media courses on RISK (from the late seventies) and PROFESSIONAL JUDGMENT AND DECISION MAKING (from the late eighties).

His early qualifications were in history and economics at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and I went on to merge these disciplines in doctoral work. What had been side interests in accidents, gambling and health eventually took over and led to full time involvement with risk and judgment in health decision making and to involvement with both clinical decision analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis in health care.

He was a founder member of the UK Health Economists Study Group and currently serves as a member of the Appraisals Committee of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence . Much of his current work is on the development of user-friendly computer models that can raise the analytical level of decision making and policy formation in relation to health, whether it be in the narrow clinical setting of the doctor-patient consultation or the macropolitical setting of health and non-health sector policies, programmes and projects.

Clarifying the ways in which such models should be evaluated - and establishing that the principles appropriate for action evaluation (decision making and policy formation in either medicine or public health) are very different from those appropriate for knowledge evaluation ('science', whether it be biophysical, epidemiological or social) - is a major pre-occupation.


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