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Prof. Kirch (MD, DMD, PhD) Project Coordinator - Head, Project Coordinator

Prof. Wilhelm Kirch holds the chair of the Institute for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics of the Medical Faculty of Dresden University of Technology and he is chairman of the Executive Committee of the Public Health Research Association Saxony which was supported by the German Research Ministry. He obtained M.D. and D.M.D from Medical School at University of Mainz and he was awarded the Ph.D. in Internal Medicine from the University of Essen. He was dean of the Dresden Medical Faculty from 1994-1994.

More than 400 publications in peer reviewed journals like the BMJ, Lancet, Mediscine (Baltimore), Dtsch. Med. Wschr., Clin. Pharmacol. Therap., Brit. J Clin. Pharmacol., Eur. J Clin. Pharmacol., Eur. J Clin. Investig., Eur. J Public Health, J Public Health etc were published. Prof. Kirch is member of numerous scientific national as well as national and international associations. He was the President of the European Public Health Association in 2003 – 2004 and he cooperates with the WHO Regional Office for Europe, European Centre for Environment and Health, Rome, Italy. Moreover, since 2004 he is chairman of the Working Party “Lifestyle and other Health Determinants”, EU SANCO, Luxemburg.


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