Partner - Reinhild Strauss

Dr.Dr. Reinhild Strauss (MD, PhD, MSc)

Dr.Dr. Reinhild Strauss works as special advisor for health threats for the chief medical officer at the DG Public Health, FM for Health and Women, Vienna, Austria. She is in charge of coordinating national emergency plans (smallpox, influenza pandemic..) and crisis management. She obtained MD and PhD (Political Sciences) from the University of Innsbruck and MSc and DTM&H from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She did her EPIET (European Programme Intervention Epidemiology Training) at the Swedish Institute for Infectious Diseases Control in Stockholm/Sweden. Since 2000 she is Austrian national representative in various EU-projects, EU-committees and high level groups as well as WHO- and NATO committees concerned with infectious diseases, bioterrorism and health threats.

Contact Details
Address: Radetzkystr 2, 1030 Vienna, Austria
Tel: (+43) 1 71100-4367
Fax: (+43) 1 715 73 12


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