1. To plan, develop, produce and test an Educational and Training Tool (ETT) necessary to empower European Public health officials, to plan, implement and evaluate health promotion activities at the work place.
  2. To focus on the health of working women in a two-sided approach:
    a) general health promotion relating to major health determinants (e.g. nutrition, smoking, etc)
    b) specific health promotion to prevent work related ill health and accidents.
  3. To give particular emphasis in the Educational & Training Tool content to methods for risk assessment (identification, measurement and prevention) at the work place.
  4. To affect positively the habits of the close environment-family and communities- of workers and employees. This multiplier effect is particularly considered to add to the rationale of addressing women as a specific target group at the workplace since women, especially as mothers or households heads, significantly affect the health habits of the whole family (e.g. dietary and hygiene habits).
  5. To co-operate closely with educational institutions and major organizations (e.g. ASPHER, WHO), during the development of the ETT and discuss its incorporation in the curriculum for the European Master in Public Health, with a view to support the development of common European training courses in the field of work place health promotion.
  6. To support policy developments and implementation at Community level in the field of Public Health, considering the education and training of Public Health workforce on new issues and topics as a prerequisite for these objectives.

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